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Before you register, PLEASE read the "Important Note" to the left.


If you would like to join Dodgers RBI, Sign up, or Contact us for more information.




Dodgers RBI Include:

*All resources are free with registration 

  • Uniforms
  • Equipment 
  • Financial Literacy Sessions 
  • Fitness Nights
  • Career and College Accelerator Opportunities
  • Dodger Days
  • Regional Teams for High School Divisions 
  • Free Eye Screenings 
  • Dodgers Reading Champions 
  • Coaches Trainings
  • Baseball and Softball Clinics
  • Parent Advisory Team 
  • PlayerFest
  • Plus More!  

Welcome To Dodgers RBI!

Dodgers RBI (Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities) is a baseball and softball program that targets youth ages 5-18. The goal of the program is to increase participation in the sport of baseball and softball while promoting positive character development. In addition, Dodgers RBI capitalizes on community participation to create access to free education, literacy, health, wellness and recreational resources in underserved communities in Los Angeles.

Program Goals: 

  1. To increase participation and interest in baseball and softball among under resourced youth with an emphasis on increasing participation amongst African American youth, girls, and youth ages 13-18.
  2. To use the sport as an engagement tool in order to increase access to educational resources and increase positive attitudes towards educational opportunities among program participants.
  3. To use the sport as an engagement tool in order to increase access to health resources and increase positive attitudes towards exercise and healthy habits among program participants.
  4. To provide a safe and fun atmosphere for play while promoting positive character development among program participants.

Important Note - Please Read:

Dodgers RBI is an inclusive league for all skill levels. In order to preserve a positive growth experience for all players, we ask that all players commit to a full season of practice and games. We understand that during the spring and summer, players have multiple commitments to multiple teams. If the player and family cannot commit to the full Dodgers RBI season without the risk of 'dropout', we ask that you carefully reconsider your participation in Dodgers RBI this season.  By continuing to register with knowledge of being unable to complete the season, you are contributing to forfeits, negative experiences for other players, and the loss of resources.

2018 RBI Game Schedules

RSVP for games via LeagueApps email reminders

  • Arrive 1 hour before scheduled game time for pre-game team practice & warmups
  • If unable to attend a game, Click HERE to email BOTH Shayna & Yano with the following information:
    • Baseball or Softball Age Division / Level
Parents and Players - PLEASE REMEMBER:
  • Home Jerseys BLUE
  • Away Jerseys GRAY
  • Make sure you have all of your equipment - RBI Hats and Uniforms MUST BE WORN during games.
  • Always bring a pair of athletic / tennis / turf shoes - NO metal spikes or cleats allowed on Youth Field 1 (Turf Field) and the batting cages.
    • Youth Field 1 (Turf Field) rules:
      • NO SPIKES
      • NO GUM or Seeds (sunflower, etc.)
We ask for you cooperation and support in the following:

  • Only players, coaches and Academy staff are allowed on the playing fields, in or near the players bench/dugout area or batting cages
  • Please allow your child to carry their own equipment, including water
  • Refrain from talking to your child or coaches during the game. If there is an emergency that requires your attention, we will notify you immediately
  • Remember to enjoy the game and support everyone in a positive manner 

Please contact our office if you have any questions at (310) 763-3479.

Thank you very much!!!

Click on the links below to view division schedules

T-BALL Ages 5 & 6 

COACH PITCH Ages 7 & 8 

Baseball MINOR Ages 9 & 10 

Baseball MAJOR Ages 11 & 12 

Softball MINOR MAJOR Ages 9 to 12

Softball JUNIOR SENIOR Ages 13 to 18 

Baseball JUNIOR Ages 13 to 15 

Baseball SENIOR Ages 16 to 18 

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