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2018 RBI Game Schedules

RSVP for games via LeagueApps email reminders

  • Arrive 1 hour before scheduled game time for pre-game team practice & warmups
  • If unable to attend a game, Click HERE to email BOTH Shayna & Yano with the following information:
      • Baseball or Softball Age Division / Level
      • TEAM NAME
Parents and Players - PLEASE REMEMBER:
  • Home Jerseys BLUE
  • Away Jerseys GRAY
  • Make sure you have all of your equipment - RBI Hats and Uniforms MUST BE WORN during games.
  • Always bring a pair of athletic / tennis / turf shoes - NO metal spikes or cleats allowed on Youth Field 1 (Turf Field) and the batting cages.
        • Youth Field 1 (Turf Field) rules:
          • NO SPIKES
          • NO GATORADE
          • NO GUM or Seeds (sunflower, etc.)
We ask for you cooperation and support in the following:

  • Only players, coaches and Academy staff are allowed on the playing fields, in or near the players bench/dugout area or batting cages
  • Please allow your child to carry their own equipment, including water
  • Refrain from talking to your child or coaches during the game. If there is an emergency that requires your attention, we will notify you immediately
  • Remember to enjoy the game and support everyone in a positive manner 

Please contact our office if you have any questions at (310) 763-3479.

Thank you very much!!!

Click on the links below to view division schedules

T-BALL Ages 5 & 6 

COACH PITCH Ages 7 & 8 

Baseball MINOR Ages 9 & 10 

Baseball MAJOR Ages 11 & 12 

Softball MINOR MAJOR Ages 9 to 12

Softball JUNIOR SENIOR Ages 13 to 18 

Baseball JUNIOR Ages 13 to 15 

Baseball SENIOR Ages 16 to 18 

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